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One More Reason To Get A Solar Energy Battery: Power Outages

The idea of generating solar power that allows you to stay away from the utility company's power supply is a great one if you want to save money over time. But you need a way to capture and store all the excess solar energy that the panels on your home are generating, so adding a battery for storage is a good idea. If you're not sure you want to take that step yet, maybe this will convince you: A battery will keep the power on at your house if the power goes out. That's right; merely having a solar panel array often isn't enough to keep the power on at all times.

Your Solar Setup Isn't Immune to Power Outages

Many people who don't have solar panels imagine that once solar panels are installed, their house is off the grid for electricity, with the panels providing everything they need, and no connection to the local electric company is necessary. That's not really the case. You'll still be wired up to the local utility grid for electricity, with the power your solar panels produce often flowing back into the local grid and you getting a type of credit on your bill (it doesn't necessarily show up actually marked as a credit, by the way). The exact processes vary by state and company, but the upshot is that you'll still be connected, and if the power in the area goes out, so will your power.

This is where solar energy storage batteries come into play. When those panels produce energy, some of that energy can flow into the batteries each day. The batteries help power your home via solar energy at night, further reducing your bill, but the battery power can also kick in if the main power is cut. If you have no battery, then your power usage switches to regular utility-provided power at night, and your power goes out if the utility company's circuits go out.

Generators Make Noise and Need Storage Space

You may think that you could just get a generator to take care of power outages, but those generators can make noise, which in turn can be bothersome. You also need to go find the generator, and if the power goes out at night, you'll end up spending time trying to find and set up the generator. And if the generator is solar-powered, guess what? It won't work at night.

Those solar energy storage batteries aren't there for show. They are truly a part of your home's solar power system and can make your life a lot more comfortable. Contact a company that sells solar battery backup systems to learn more.