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Adding EV Charging Stations To Your Business For Additional Income And Services

Electric vehicles are becoming more common, and people who own them often need a way to charge while away from home. Adding a turnkey EV charging station to your business property can offer some benefits that you may not realize and make it worth taking the time to consider. Several companies provide EV charging solutions that are easy to set up, but there are some things you need to consider before you get started. 

Parking Lot Space

One of the first things you should consider when looking at turnkey EV charging station solutions is the space necessary. It is essential to evaluate the property and parking areas you already have and determine if there is space for the chargers. 

It is also important to remember that people charging their cars will take some of those spaces currently used for parking by your customers or employees. If you have limited parking, you may need to consider expanding the lot to allow for this additional use. 

Local Laws And Regulations

Before buying a turnkey EV charging station, you should check the local laws and ordinances to ensure you can install a charging station outside your business. There may be some requirements that you need to meet before the station can go live, and it is essential to understand them before investing in the technology. 

Infrastructure can also be an issue, so check with the local utility company to ensure you have enough electricity to run the station or if an additional line would be necessary to provide stable power to the charging station.

Benefits To Your Business

In many cases, providing EV charging stations is an excellent way to draw people to your business. If you have the only station in the area, someone looking to charge their car will often park in your lot for thirty minutes to several hours. 

For a retail business, a hotel, or a restaurant, this is a great way to get people to the parking lot, where they may decide to come in and check out your business while they wait. This frequently leads to more business or sales while bringing customers through the door that might drive by otherwise. 

A turnkey EV charging station is often delivered and installed by a contractor or company for you. If you buy from a provider that provides listings on mobile apps and online, you can benefit from being easy to find. Often electric vehicle owners look up station locations and plan their trips by the stops they need, and being the first or only charging station in the area can be beneficial.