Energy for the New Age

Tiny House Living For Cheap

Tiny houses are the perfect type of residence for someone who wants to downgrade the number of possessions that they own or who may be interested in traveling to various points of interest across the country. Because tiny homes lack excess square footage that would require a moderate supply of electricity for heating and cooling purposes or lights, your bill will likely pale in comparison to what you paid while living in a traditional home. You can cut costs further, however, and may even benefit by having access to power if you live off of the grid.

A System That Is Tied To An Electrical Grid

Solar panels can be secured to a rooftop or a separate anchoring device that can be set out in your yard. You will need to know how much energy your residence uses on a month-to-month basis to determine how much solar energy should be collected in order to receive adequate savings. When you purchase solar panels through a dealer, you will receive help with determining how many panels to purchase for your needs.

Even if you choose to purchase a minimal amount of panels, you will still be able to collect some energy, which can be utilized in your home. During the day, solar panels absorb photons, which can be transferred into energy for your tiny home. Since you will still be permanently connected to the grid, excess energy can be sold back for credits and you will have the option of using standard electricity on cloudy days or other times in which your panels have not produced sufficient energy for your home.

An Off The Grid Option

With an off the grid solar panel setup, a battery device will be used to store solar energy. During times of energy depletion, you may need to charge the battery, and a generator can be used to do this. Because you will not be connected to a power grid, any solar energy that is collected can be saved and used solely for powering up your home.

Just like with a standard setup, you have the option of having solar panels secured to your residence's rooftop or to another item that will be anchored on your property. If you plan on traveling around the country and won't be in one place for very long, an off the grid solar panel system will make a wonderful addition to your nomadic lifestyle.

To learn more, contact a solar panel system service.