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3 Big Benefits of Residential of Solar Battery Backup Installation

Are you afraid that adopting solar energy will disrupt your lifestyle? It is an unfounded fear. Solar power is intermittent; it is available when the sun is shining and unavailable at night. But you can take away the intermittency by installing solar backup batteries. The batteries store excess energy when there is strong sunlight and release it for use at night. With a smart solar battery installation, you will not notice any fluctuations in power. The backup batteries kick in seamlessly when sunlight is unavailable. How does your home benefit from a stable supply of green energy?

Grid Independence 

Solar batteries give you energy independence. You are no longer at the mercy of your utility provider. Your home is unaffected by power outages in your area. It could also be your only alternative if you live in an unserved area. 

Solar battery storage installation ensures your home has a 24/7  power supply. It is crucial if you have vulnerable people in the house, like very young children. Your home's crucial appliances, like the central air conditioning, keep working when there is an outage. 

Reduced Power Bills 

Full grid independence translates into zero power bills because you are cut off from the main grid. Thus, you recoup the initial costs of a few years of power bill savings. You can also keep your grid connection, but with reduced dependence. 

Solar battery backup installation can drastically cut your power bills if your power provider factors the time of use when calculating your bill. A solar battery allows you to switch to solar power during peak power tariffs and avoid high charges.  

You can also generate credits if your power provider allows net metering. A smart solar power control panel channels excess power to the grid when the batteries are full. You get credits you can redeem in the future. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Main power grids draw some of their power from fossil fuels like coal and diesel. Burning these fuels contributes to carbon emissions, which impact the environment negatively. But solar power is renewable energy. It doesn't need any other resource to work apart from sunshine.

Solar battery backup installation helps reduce your reliance on the main grid, which contributes to reducing carbon emissions. Your cumulative contribution is significant, considering solar power panels can last several decades. It goes towards the global effort to combat climate change and its negative effects. You become a more responsible global citizen.

Are you looking to stabilize your home's solar power supply? Talk to an energy equipment supplier about solar battery backup installation services.