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Solar Assumptions You Should Avoid Making

Reducing your home's electrical costs is a project that can provide you with savings for years to come. Installing solar panels is one option that may both reduce the energy costs for the house while also improving its resale value.

Assumption: Only Newer Homes Can Support Solar Panel Systems

One common belief that people may have about solar panel systems is that they are only compatible with newer homes. In reality, these are systems that can be installed on older homes as well. Depending on the electrical design of the older house, it may be necessary to make some upgrades to allow the home's electrical system to process the power from these panels. Fortunately, a full-service solar installation contractor will be able to assist you with evaluating whether any upgrades will be needed for your home's electrical system.

Assumption: All Solar Panels Will Have Similar Output

There can be considerable variation in the output of solar panel systems. Unfortunately, some people assume that the output of a solar panel system will be solely determined by its size. In reality, it is always necessary to review the output of potential solar panel systems so that you can find the one that will offer the highest output regardless of the size. Otherwise, you may find that your solar panel system is not able to provide the amount of power that you were expecting from it.

Assumption: A Solar Panel System Will Involve Substantial Amounts Of Maintenance Work

The installation of a solar panel is an upgrade that can provide your home with a reliable source of power. However, it is not an upgrade that will dramatically increase the amount of maintenance that the property will require. This can be an important factor to consider as you are weighing making this upgrade. In most cases, the solar panels will only need to be cleaned once or twice a year in order to keep them running at optimal levels. Homes that are near a lot of trees will need this work done more frequently as leaves from the trees can collect on the solar panels. If you have panels that have supports that are motorized so the panels can follow the sun, a professional will need to lubricate these motors and ensure they are free of substantial wear so that the panels can effectively follow the sun as it moves across the sky.

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